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Client Endorsements

"The well never seems to run dry with Innovation Frameworks. I'm so amazed how they keep solving problems for us and providing fresh new innovative ideas and approaches. I highly recommend them."

Advanced Development Manager

Special Interest Forums !

We sponsor several Forums which provide a physical meeting place for people to gather, network, and discuss, trade and share ideas and experiences.

We sponsor 2 forums with more on the way:

Oregon Innovators Forum TM      

Oregon Innovators Forum meets every two months (bimonthly). We discuss any topics you want related to innovation in Oregon and in the Northwest Region.

Fuzzy Front End Forum TM

The Fuzzy Front End Forum TM  meets every two months (bimonthly) to discuss issues related to the Fuzzy Front End of Projects, Programs, Innovation, and New Businesses. Anyone who is interested in this phase of development is welcome to join us. Click on the link above to learn more or sign up for the next forum.

(Click on each for more info)

If you would like to join us, please contact Jon at or call 503-925-5382.

These forums typically have 6 to 12 people gathered for an hour or so to openly discuss topics of mutual interest and benefit for all. They are generally informal and open-ended. We publish notes from each meeting to the participants so we can all remember the ideas and conclusions and develop networking relationships with other attendees.

In addition to our sponsored forums, we are closely affiliated with the Program Management Forum ( ) and in fact, Jon Marshall is president of that organization this year.

We also participate with the Oregon PDMA chapter and participate and help support  their events.

At Innovation Frameworks, we take a total community view to help you fit the Innovation Jigsaw together to:

  • Win with your team
  • Win with your projects
  • Win with your customers
  • Win in your business goals

Take a look at our Services Page to learn more about how...

You Can Win !

Innovation Frameworks

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