AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER:   We combine strategies! After all, that's the heart of innovation: to combine two or more things and create something new. For example, we combine the best of AGILE methods with Strong Up-front Planning. We believe in the power of making diversity work. Is it easy? No, it's often very difficult. Is it worth it? If it's done right,

Counter-intuitive? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. 

What is Full Spectrum InnovationTM

Our approach to innovation is best illustrated by a simple chart.

The horizontal axis is the scope of innovation. It ranges from small, clever ideas in the office or manufacturing floor to world changing disruptions and "blue ocean" products or business models.

The vertical axis represents the levels that you can apply innovation to within your business: they range from small improvements in machinery or processes on the production floor up through new products and markets for the company all the way to innovative new business models for the company or even beyond...such as the industry cluster innovations.

Together these two axes define a company's total innovation space.

Our Full Spectrum Innovation approach means we will examine the whole potential innovation space with our clients and then help them define a strategy which determines where they should focus their innovation attempts and in what sequence.

This means we'll determine with you what would be the best path and best goals for, all things considered, improving your soon as possible - within that total innovation space. This becomes an important part of business transformation strategy going forward.

Then together we will build a vision, a road map and a program plan.

And we roll up our sleeves and shoulder to shoulder, get to work. 

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Your company, your staff and yourself


Innovation Frameworks®    Custom Programs

Innovation is all about adaptation and change.

  • To Seize Opportunities
  • To Outsmart Threats
  • To Respond Proactively to Changing Conditions
  • To Redefine Your Company and its Business Model
  • To Become an Industry Leader

The methodologies, mindsets, skills, and frameworks for innovation

provide powerful tools to transform your company.

We know that almost everything can be innovated. 

Thomas Edison said it best:

            "There's a way to do it better. Find it!"

Innovation is by no means limited to technology adoption.

If there's value in improving something, you can innovate a better way.

That is why we call our approach Full Spectrum Innovation ™.