Then we provide and teach you POWERFUL FRAMEWORKS for innovation
Frameworks give you a head start while encouraging your creativity. And our frameworks help insure that your innovations will be successful because they are proven yet flexible. They save time and effort yet are highly valuable and usable - to the market, to the buyer and to the end user. The frameworks and resources we use are selected based on your specific needs and appropriate to your specific program.

Enabling Business Growth​​


​Developing your Innovation Proficiency and Performance

First we understand your situation, issues, and goals to create a relevant plan

We'll work closely with you to collaboratively create a plan of action drawing from our very broad experience and library of information, processes and resources.Together, we'll define a program which fits your needs exactly.

Win with Innovation! TM

Innovation Frameworks has a broad spectrum of frameworks, tools, skill-development activities and specific, on-the-job and in-the-project development programs. For each client, we provide customized, business-enhancing training, coaching, consulting, facilitation and support which is specifically designed to help grow their business with innovation.


Instead of mind-numbing powerpoint presentations,  we work the learning process directly into your projects weaving the concepts and insights directly into your creative and analytic workflow. Learning is directly aligned with your own business development and cultural change processes. You learn by doing, by getting coached through the tough spots and by constant encouragement and feedback.

We deploy highly customized business problem-solving and opportunity development programs designed specifically for your needs.

Everyone loves the creative part of innovation. But when the going gets tough, and  its time to grind through the hard, tedious or discouraging parts, we're there to help. All our programs offer follow-through support to keep you on track, growing and actively creating. Most importantly, we're there to help you not only innovate, but to get the business results you need.