Specific Focus Areas

Areas of innovation and business focus

can include these and many more:

Strategic Innovation

  • Innovating your Business Model and Strategy
  • Discovering and exploiting your unique advantages
  • Synergizing strategic top-down deployment with Opportunistic bottom up innovation

Creating an Innovation Mindset and Culture

  • Innovation for Executive Leaders: how to build the culture
  • Critical Thinking - out of the box. How to make this work for you.
  • Whole Company innovation involvement and development
  • Developing your Collaborative Innovation capabilities and performance - internally, with customers and with suppliers
  • Helping your whole customer chain help you innovate what they each will really buy

Technical/Project Innovation Skills and Methods

  • A Comprehensive Framework for Defining Innovation projects
  • Managing the Fuzzy Front End: the marriage of markets and ideas
  • Using Critical Factor Analysis with Adaptive Engineering
  • Utilizing Indicators, Metrics, KPI's and other measures to guide and target your innovation processes
  • Making it Real: building out an innovation deployment plan that is self guiding, self energizing and will home in on great outcomes

You can define almost any area of your business as a target for increased performance through innovation. We will help you make it happen.


Getting Started

General Steps and Approach

You are always the center of our approach. We combine a truly customer-centric mindset with a continuously adaptive and discovery-based process. We preface the "plan-do-study-adapt" cycle with an understand-before-you-plan strategy that is deeply integrated into everything we do.

Here is a general picture of our typical development process during our client engagements:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of your needs, situation, goals, risks, assets, liabilities, SWOT factors, serendipities (good luck), risks (bad luck), and other critical factors.
  2. Develop a comprehensive and deep understanding of your future vision, goals, KPI's, current strategy and current 2-5 year plan.
  3. Work with you to develop both a general vision and very specific goals of the engagement and for developing your innovation performance.
  4. Co-create a custom plan which fits your unique needs, situation, budget and implementation timeframe.
  5. Do the program!
  6. Ongoingly check the program with Progress, Result and Outcome metrics.
  7. Adapt and innovate as we go, balancing emerging opportunities, discoveries, ideas and critical factors with the realities of your project timelines, your long term vision and your strategic plans.
  8. Help you define and perform a deployment process that sticks, develops the necessary mindset, engages the organization and makes things go right.
  9. Work together until we achieve all your goals and desired outcomes.
  10. ​Remember: the purpose of innovation is to help you prosper and grow!

We'll help you

Win with InnovationTM

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Innovation Frameworks LLC provides custom-designed services

specifically adapted for your unique needs,  situation, and goals

All of our services focus on using and developing your innovation performance to create new, better, and often revolutionary ways to achieve your business objectives. Because we have a very large array of modules, knowledge areas, workshop techniques, and expert resources, we can design with you a  unique program  which will most exactly fit your unique situation.

The ultimate goal is accelerating your business performance

Our programs position sustainable and growing business performance as the primary goal of innovation.   Whether improving productivity, gaining market share or enhancing your brand, innovation is applicable everywhere. We have the tools to help you be most innovative in your most important areas. All our tools, techniques, training, facilitation and planning are oriented to grow your Key Performance Indicators and develop your own unique advantages - in the marketplace, in your offerings, and in your operations. 


What could be better? TM