Programs combine our various services to help you transform your company

Below are examples of the many customized programs we have developed for clients. Contact us and tell us what outcomes you seek in your future. We can build a build a program designed exactly for the needs and goals of your situation, your personal goals, and/or the competitive drivers of your market and business environment.

Business Transformation



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Innovate Your Future ®


Some Key Drivers of Change:

  • Turn a chaotic group to a high performance team

  • Seize emerging business or technical opportunities

  • Outsmart threats - current or developing

  • Respond proactively to changing market conditions

  • Build a better overall Business Model

  • Become an Innovation Industry Leader

Transforming your Leadership Team INto A High-performance Team 

Innovation starts with leadership. This powerful process works to transform your functional leadership team from a collection of relatively silo'd individuals to a high-performance, collaborative, innovative team. An intensive, 3 part process typically involving 12 to 36 weeks. Program size and duration depends on scope and levels of management involved. 


In this process, we work your team through an analysis, evaluation and re-design or rebalancing of your overall business model and its associated strategies. It is a very powerful and often highly accelerating process causing you to re-think where you are investing your efforts and talents and how you are both transacting with the market and growing your business. 12 to 36 weeks, typical.


This program is an outgrowth of our work with a major trade association to move their industry from a downward spiral of a constant mentality of cost reduction to a mindset and institutionalized processes of thinking how to grow their business through new markets, new products, and new business models. While Lean and Productivity are important, so is attention to the dramatic changes in opportunities, competition, and the changing expectations of customers. 24 to 40 weeks typical.

OPPORTUNITY-driven Innovation™

Our view and experience is that customer DO know what they want, even if they have trouble articulating it.  We know that savvy companies will be driven, in their innovation efforts, by discovering and developing their ability to sense and realize emerging opportunities and respond with well-researched and developed innovations, rather than be purely driven by clever ideas and new technology. Transforming to this view of innovation is surprisingly difficult but if you look at the very low rate of successful innovations, you will understand the need for a better way to innovate. We have developed a systematic but also very flexible approach to transform companies from being mostly idea and technology oriented (when it comes to innovation) to becoming much more sensitive and responding to what most people don't see: the latent, emerging opportunities that can then be used to guide your innovation processes. We work with company leadership, marketing, engineering and any other groups involved to make this transformation. 12 weeks to a year.

Becoming an Innovation Leader in your Industry

We created and managed a 5 year development program for a major industry trade association. That program created many hundreds of new jobs and enabled survival for many businesses during the past recession.

In that program, we developed a comprehensive program to take each participating company through a step by step process to move from Ad hoc Innovation (luck and a few one-offs) to becoming a true innovation leader in their industry segment. We have repackaged this program to make it accessable to most businesses and non-profits. We focus on 6 major aspects of a company to help it grow its capability and performance from Ad hoc innovator to Journeyman innovator (steady stream of innovations) and if they desire, to continue to become a leader in their industry segment. 20 weeks to 2 years depending on scope.